Top Genre Film Festivals at WFCN


In recent years, genre film festivals have gained immense popularity, attracting filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and film industry professionals alike. These festivals provide a platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their creativity, pushing the boundaries of conventional storytelling. Now, let’s delve into some of the standout genre film festivals at WFCN. If you’re a film enthusiast seeking to explore the realms of horror films, fantasy films, cult films, crime films, and beyond, you’re in for a treat.

Chicago Horror Film Festival

The Chicago Horror Film Festival has solidified its place as a Chicago institution, evolving from a one-day showcase of short independent horror films to a multi-day extravaganza featuring both feature films and short horror films. The film festival, hosted at various venues, has a reputation for propelling many featured films into mainstream film distribution. Embracing dark art and independent filmmaking, the festival goes the extra mile to support and recognize the talented individuals in the film industry.

Fantasia International Film Festival

Fantasia International Film Festival, a legendary 3-week celebration in the heart of Montreal each July, is a true spectacle of worldwide fantastic cinema. While primarily focused on fantasy films, action films, and horror films, Fantasia prides itself on showcasing films that defy traditional genres. From dramas and comedies to documentary films and experimental films, Fantasia invites filmmakers of all backgrounds to submit their unique creations. The film festival’s broad-minded approach has earned it a reputation as a platform for the unconventional.


Calcutta International Cult Film Festival

With ISO 9001:2015 certification and IMDb Award Listing Qualifier recognition, the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival is a prestigious monthly film awards event culminating in a grand annual live-screen mega event in Kolkata. The Golden Fox Awards, held at the historic Rotary Sadan, honor films that have excelled throughout the year. CICFF’s mission is to foster a cross-cultural film culture that enriches lives through information, education, and entertainment.

Cult Critic Movie Awards

Based in Kolkata, India, the Cult Critic Movie Awards is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization that not only hosts an international live screening film festival but also publishes the leading international film magazine, Cult Critic. The monthly live screenings at HLC Studios in Kolkata showcase around 20 films per category, with winners automatically nominated for the prestigious Jean Luc Godard Award at the end of each year.

Russian International Horror Film Festival and Awards “DROP”

The Russian International Horror Film Festival & Awards “DROP,” is an annual filmmaking contest showcasing a week of non-stop screenings in Moscow cinema-theaters. With a focus on all sub-genres of horror films, the film festival accepts films throughout the year, selected by a dedicated awards jury. It provides a platform for horror enthusiasts and filmmakers to explore the diverse facets of the genre.


Anatomy Crime and Horror International Film Festival

The Anatomy Crime and Horror International Film Festival takes place annually in Athens, Greece, each Halloween, providing a platform for independent filmmakers worldwide. The film festival aims to be a globally recognized event, giving a voice to those with important stories to tell, regardless of budget constraints. With over 110 films screened each year. This film festival is a celebration of creativity and storytelling.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Celebrating its 17th year, the Toronto After Dark Film Festival has earned acclaim as one of the world’s leading showcases of new horror films, sci-fi films, action, and cult films. With a focus on thrilling feature films and short filmsfrom around the globe, the film festival attracts thousands of film fans and film industry representatives. Beyond screenings, attendees can enjoy Q&A sessions with filmmakers and engaging social events, creating a vibrant community of genre film enthusiasts.

These genre film festivals at WFCN offer diverse range of cinematic experiences, from the spine-chilling to the thought-provoking. Whether you’re a filmmaker looking to showcase your work or a film enthusiast eager to explore new realms of storytelling, these film festivals provide a platform for creativity, innovation, and appreciation of the cinematic arts. Stay tuned to WFCN for updates on upcoming festivals and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of genre films!