The International Kids Film Festival (IKFF) is a global event that celebrates the art of storytelling for children. Titled a “first-of-its-kind”, it is presented by School Cinema and organized by LXL Ideas, and it is back in Bengaluru for its sixth edition on November 23 at the ASC Centre and College.

This year’s festival promises to enchant young audiences with 75 award-winning children’s films from 20 countries, spanning 15 languages. The film festival features a diverse range of narratives, including film documentariesshort films, and horror films, that transcend borders and languages.

One of the highlights of IKFF is that it is the world’s largest student filmmaking competition. This competition provides a platform for young filmmakers to showcase their talents and elevates them to the role of jurors at partner festivals worldwide. The winners, representing India, become a part of the jury themselves at prestigious festivals, contributing to the global discourse on children’s cinema.

International Kids Film Festival is also a great place for filmmakers to connect with others in the film industry. The festival offers opportunities for filmmakers to participate in other film competitions, and it even features a screenplay contest. With so many exciting opportunities, IKFF is the perfect place for filmmakers to showcase their work and connect with others in the industry.

Of course, the festival offers popcorn movies! It showcases cinema from around the world, including indie films and popular films from all genres.

Since its inception, this festival has left an indelible mark on the educational landscape of India. In 2019, the festival was hosted by 9000 schools in 20 countries, with 7.5 million students participating from 26,000 schools across India. This widespread participation speaks volumes about the festival’s ability to engage and inspire young minds, making it a transformative experience for both schools and students.

To make it easier for audiences to enjoy the film festival’s offerings, the festival runs from November 14 to November 30, with multiple screenings throughout the day.

International Kids Film Festival is a visionary approach to education through what it terms “Film Pedagogy.” The festival aims to present children with the magic of international films, utilizing them as a powerful tool for education. The Festival Director of IKFF and MD of LXL Ideas, Syed Sultan Ahmed says, “Visual storytelling is an essential life skill in a world dominated by audio-visual content. Very few kids get an opportunity to participate in film festivals. So, we at LXL Ideas came up with a simple idea: if ‘Kids don’t go to film festivals, let’s take the festival to the kids.’ This idea gave rise to IKFF, a school-based film festival.” Hence, the festival made its way to India with 7.5 million students participating from 26,000 schools across the country.

IKFF 2023 is partnering with renowned festivals such as the Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival (BIKY) in South Korea, the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy, the Children’s Film Festival in Seattle, and the Providence Children’s Film Festival in the USA. IKFF creates a global network that transcends geographical boundaries. The festival invites esteemed personalities, including Alexandros Kostopoulos from Greece, R Balki from India, and Marie-Pauline Mollaret from France, to serve as jury members, adding a touch of international expertise.

If you’re looking for a fun and educational experience that combines the magic of cinema with the transformative power of storytelling, look no further than IKFF. With its global reach, educational initiatives, and commitment to nurturing the next generation of filmmakersInternational Kids Film Festival stands as a shining example of how film festivals can shape, educate, and inspire the storytellers of tomorrow. Be sure to add this amazing film festival to your list of upcoming events and join us for a cinematic experience like no other.