KNIGHTS of the month

august 2022

The Heart Sutra

Directed by Yi Shi

The film tells the fantasy story of life thinking and soul redemption through the journey of a middle-aged painter to the feast of his friend for fathering a baby.

Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story

Directed by Ash Hamilton

In 2013 Sean Miller disappeared for four days. 7 years later a group of documentary filmmakers found out why.


Directed by Ash Hamilton

More than two thousand years ago, the Iberian Peninsula was part of the Roman Empire and was called HISPANIA, which means LAND OF RABBITS, due to the extraordinary abundance of this popular animal.

In our days, the rabbit is still a key piece in the natural fabric of the Iberian Peninsula, although nothing is as it was in Roman times.
Hispania, Land of Rabbits takes us into the before and after of what HISPANIA was and reflects the importance of the rabbit for the survival of populations of the most emblematic predatory animals of the Iberian fauna


Directed by Monalisa Dasgupta

Two teenager girls in a remote village in India, are deeply affectionate about each other. Their life is disrupted by the pandemic and takes them away from each other. Meanwhile, parents of one girl fixes wedding for her which mentally devastates her best female friend.