What is the next big thing in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is always a colorful city with lots of historical impacts; it is known for its cultural heritage as well and is often termed as “The City of Nizams”. Hyderabad is even known for its famous film studios and entertainment industry. Looking through the ages it seems that Hyderabad is an incredible city in terms of many aspects. There’s always been something new and happening in Hyderabad.

Possibly the next big thing in Hyderabad is none other than the Knight of the Reel Awards film festival. Can’t believe it? But it’s true. The Knight of the Reel Awards is originated in Hyderabad and it is an acclaimed festival that aims at the promotion and up-gradation of emerging independent filmmakers. The festival is running successfully in FilmFreeway with its second season on the row. Filmmakers from all across the world are talking about the festival and they are positive in their feedback. The festival is doing well in its term to find out the best creative talent from all over the world. Filmmakers all over the world are submitting their pieces of art to this festival and are gaining recognition through laurel certificates and customized Knight Award Trophy. The winners of the festival are getting a tile of Knight on their certificates and Trophies.

The festival team is looking forward to its screening shortly. Though the covid 19 pandemic has been restraining the event from taking place, we are looking forward to better days.

Kamalika Sarkar