Hyderabad: The Film Industry

The city of Nizam is undoubtedly rich in its culture and heritage; it is a historical town famous for its contribution to the Indian political scenario at that time. Hyderabad was ruled by the Nizams and was thus named after its ruler as a token of gratitude towards them. The Nizams were actually descendants of Indian and Turkish from birthright. The Nizam ruled not only brought pride and wealth to the city of Hyderabad also made it the princeliest state of India. This was a historical fact regarding the name of the city. But the city is not only historically enriched it has got many other things to get cherished at, and the film industry in Hyderabad is one such remarkable aspect that enriches the stardom of the city once again.

Who doesn’t know the famous Ramoji Film City? Yes, this famous studio is situated in Hyderabad and has produced numerous hit films to date counting from Chennai Express to Baahubali and even the recent release Pushpa: The Rise and many more super-duper box-office hits. Undoubtedly Ramoji is the most famous studio and aptly called ‘City within a city” but Hyderabad also has many other remarkable studios as well. Namely, the Ramanaidu Studios (1964), Saradhi Studios (1956), Padmalaya Studios (1971), Ramakrishna Studios (1976), Annapurna Studios (1975), and the famous Ramoji Film City (1996).

This city’s attachment with cinemas doesn’t end here; the city holds a number of Film Festivals that are screened at the heart of Hyderabad. The Hyderabad International Film Festival, the 6th Indian World Film Festival, Telangana Bengali Film Festival are some of them. We would also mention our very own The Knight of The Reel awards which is successfully running its second season and is looking forward to its first public screening at Hyderabad in near future. If you are a film person and want to get hold of our festival you can easily find us on FilmFreeway, one of your trusted sites for film and film festivals.

Kamalika Sarkar