A Brief History of film festivals & where it stands in India today

A brief history of film festivals & where it stands in India today, Knight Of The Reels Awards

Film festivals can be traced back to the emergence of film communities and cine clubs in various countries during the 1920s, mostly as a response to what many saw as the newly powerful Hollywood film industry’s dominance over less well-endowed cinemas and non – governmental movements dedicated to causes such as documentary and avant-garde film.

Such clubs and organizations thrived in nations as diverse as France, where they helped to birth the historically significant impressionist and surrealist cinemas, and Brazil, where they were the sole consistent market for locally produced films. The majority of cinema clubs and organizations were founded in Western Europe, although some were also founded in Latin America and the United States.

Italian leader Benito Mussolini’s (1883–1945) love for motion pictures as a tool for political public relations and promotion resulted in the birth of the very first true film festival. He invested extensively to build up the national film industry while putting enormous taxes on the translation of foreign-language films, hindering their circulation and screening, in order to encourage the growth of state-run Italian film in the highly competitive environment from Hollywood and abroad.

The already existing Venice Biennial Exhibition of Italian Art, which birthed the International Exhibition of Cinematographic Art in August 1932 as part of an attempt to make the Biennial more varied and interdisciplinary, was one of the cultural institutions he chose to support through his Ministry of Information.

Another notable development of the 1970s was The United States Film Festival, founded in Salt Lake City in 1978 by the Utah Film Commission to highlight the state’s assets as a film production location.

Over a thousand other modest events have sprung alongside the attention-getting global festivals. The French-American Film Session in New York and Avignon, France, and the Lake Placid Film Forum in upstate New York, which emphasizes relationships between cinema and the written word, are two examples of festivals that have tried to distinguish themselves by not using the word “festival” in their names.

Beyond the United States and Europe, significant festivals exist, such as the Ouagadougou Festival in Burkina Faso, and the Shanghai and Tokyo festivals in Asia.

Now we will talk about some Indian Film Festivals of our time

The BUDDHA International Film Festival

India, Pune


International Film Festival

Event Dates: 29 — 30 September 2022

Calcutta International Short Film Festival

India, Kolkata


International Short Film Festival.

Event Dates: 17 — 19 December 2021

AAO Creative Collective Indian Short Film Festival

India, Bhubaneswar, Odisha


International Film festival.

Event Dates: 28 March 2021

Film Festival of India

India, Panaji, Goa


International film festival in Goa, India.

Event Dates: 20 — 28 November 2021

Kolkata International Film Festival

India, Kolkata


International Film Festival.

Event Dates: 25 April — 1 May 2022

Mumbai Film Festival

India, Mumbai (Bombay)


Mumbai Film Festival.

Event Dates: 11 — 15 March 2022

Kerala International Film Festival

India, Kerala


International Film Festival in Kerala.

Event Dates: 10 — 17 December 2021

International Film Festival



International Film Festival.

Event Dates: 13 — 20 January 2022

Bangalore Queer Film Festival

India, Bangalore


International Queer Film Festival.

Event Dates: 7 — 10 March 2019

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